I’m dedicated to making the City of Bellingham just as vibrant and beautiful as its people.

I’m running to lead us to an equitable and thriving future. We can build a strong local economy, tackle homelessness and housing head on, and lead the way on environmental solutions.  

As a city council member and a businesswoman, I have developed extensive relationships throughout the city and state. What they know about me: I love Bellingham, I get things done and I have fun doing it.  Our city has an incredible sense of place and adventure and our Mayor should reflect our community.

We are the 13th largest city in Washington, bigger than Olympia, Bremerton, and Redmond yet we are often ignored in statewide conversations.  Bellingham deserves to shine – we are doing new and inventive things here and should be a model for other communities in Washington. We can be a leader if we are bold and claim our seat at the table.

During these six years It’s been a privilege and pleasure to serve on Bellingham City Council. As Council President I lead us through our 20 year Comprehensive plan, passed 1% funding for the arts, and authored the resolution of safety and support for the Mt. Baker Planned Parenthood. As a council member, I renewed our commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, championed the Bellingham Energy Prize, and pushed for a Climate Action Plan.

Like many of you I proudly spoke and marched in our Women’s March, and called for participation and advocacy for gender and LGBTQ equity.  I’ve stood for environmental protections, criminal justice reform, and gun responsibility. I helped normalize cannabis businesses since the beginning, going to bat for them when no one else would. I’ve advocated for our economy, tourism, outdoor recreation and fought for the adoption of the Bellingham flag.

My proven track record of successfully managing large scale projects, fiscal responsibility, and leading staff is the experience we need to lead the City to a progressive and a thriving future.  

I ran for office to be a voice for women, the environment, and social justice. I believe everyone deserves to be safe, secure, and have ample opportunity to succeed. I credit my family for my practical humanitarian values, and for my belief in caring for my community, our environment, and each other. I’m delighted to be able to contribute and give back to my amazing community.

Every day I’m inspired by the women in our community who step up to lead, serve, and make our community better; and I will stand up for them every time.  I’m passionate about finding ways to encourage women to amplify their voices and step up to positions of leadership. I dream of a day when we have more diverse representation of gender and ethnicity in our government.

One of the best decisions of my life was choosing to move to Bellingham. I was born in Canada, lived in four countries and many incredible cities and chose to put down roots in Bellingham because it is by far the best; that’s why I’ve made it my Home.

It would be an incredible opportunity and honor to be the Mayor of Bellingham and spend every day working on what I love!


Please see my issues page for more information on how we can make this vision a reality.

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